Harveer Singh, CPA, MBA

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Harveer is the Founder of Fostering Business Solutions, Inc. (FBS), a management and marketing consulting firm working primarily with small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. He has gained operational and financial knowledge from the various companies he has worked with and started over the years.  Harveer also serves as Director of Research of Champions League.

Harveer has taken on positions such as board member and chief financial officer of startups. Prior to this, Harveer worked as a Consultant at a management-consulting firm in New York City where he gained exposure to growth stage startups all over America. He started his corporate career in 2012 at a Big Four accounting firm leaving as a Senior Tax Analyst in 2014. Harveer also formed his own investment real estate company, Recovery Homes LLC in 2009, which works with acquiring, building and managing rental properties.

Christopher F. Kogge

Vice President of Marketing

Chris earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Pace University with a focus in advertising and promotion. Preparing for  life in the advertising world, Chris spent time working as a copywriter and graphic designer. Chris also spent several years working in social media marketing with several brands ranging from global sized to startup. 

Once having seen the inner workings of various sized businesses, Chris decided his skill set and energy were best suited for startups and small businesses. "I believe in building things from the ground up, the right way. A strong brand foundation will keep the company authentic in the eyes of its clients or consumers even after your company grows exponentially".