Social Media Starter Kits

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Phase I - Testing Phase

 Before any strategy or plan can begin you must first start with evaluation of the tools and information currently at your disposal. Once this necessary information has been attained, it is time to fill in the blanks while gathering data on your audience (or prospective audience). Purchasing evaluations, goal setting and strategy plans individually can add up which is why we have created our phase I package.

 Services included in this package...

Situation Analysis

Social Media Audit

Current Social Media Platforms Evaluation

  • Follower Count
  • Average Weekly Activity
  • Average Engagement Rate
  • Audience Demographics Assessment

Sentiment Analysis of Content Assets

  • Paid
  • Owned
  • Earned

Data Measurement and Reporting Assessment

Evaluation of Critical Response Plans

Industry Trends and Market Evaluation

Competitive Advantages and Sales Messaging 

Market Share and Share of Voice (estimate) 

Competitor Audit

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Follower Count
  • Weekly Activity
  • Engagement rate
  • Budget Estimate

Target Market Research

Custom Buyer Persona

Keyword (phrase) Research

Influencer Identification


Company Evaluation

Overall business goals

Social media objectives to support business goals

Current Sales Strategy (Sales funnel)

Present and Past Marketing Strategies

Company Vision & Mission Statement

Marketing Budget

Current Web Assets Assessment 

Branding Information (Color palette, Logos, etc)

Existing marketing subscriptions/licenses (Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.)

Event & Key date schedule (Conferences, Company events, etc)

Target market evaluation


Testing tactics calendar plan

Engagement and influencer outreach planning

Content Mapping

Content creation strategy

Employee advocacy programs

Scenario planning

KPI objectives linking

Additional items

Best practices for platforms

KPI overview

Tactics definitions

Social media daily & weekly checklist

Suggested 3rd party tools

Phase II – Analyzing, Building and Promotion

After you have established a consistent online presence it is time for the next two big steps, data analysis and advertising to the masses. This task can be extremely difficult, especially for those new at social media which is why we created our Phase II package. This package includes...

Formulating a Strategy


Revamped social media calendar

Updated buyer personas

Identifying potential advocates and suggested strategy

Advertising strategy (Adwords, PPC, Banner Ads etc.)

Scenario review and forming (or updating) best practices

Reevaluating and revamping of content mapping

Recommended operations adjustments

Data mining

Establishing successful tactics

Segmentation and variable grouping

Discovering correlations in trends

Social impact changes

Target findings

Influencer relationship evaluation

Measuring overall marketing impact

KPI change

Employee Scorecards

Additional items

Suggested Advertising platform best practices

KPI recommendations moving forward

Other marketing variables to monitor

Phase III -Tracking Success and Planning for the Future

At the end of a campaign and don't know what to do? This package was created for just that situation. FBS Social will help you find the hidden messages your data is trying to tell you and we help you build a plan to satisfy your next campaign's social media goals. Whether its ROI, gaining more reach, expanding to new markets or just optimizing your weekly social media time we will help find your company the right solution.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Correlating sales to social impact

Measuring increase in leads, website traffic and secured emails

Break-even social media budget analysis 

Campaign Overview

Overall campaign analysis

Segmentation and variable grouping corrections

Changes in trends

Benchmarking and Creating New Goals

Benchmarking Success

Identifying new opportunities

Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals

Recording what is still unknown

Recommended Strategy for next campaign

Goals achieved

Updates for new discoveries

Employee Scorecards

Recommendation for improvements


Protocols and Procedures

Scenario Planning

3rd party tools