Run Your Own Campaign

We Create The Plan, You Run It

This is a cost savings plan for napkin stage to mid-sized companies. Whether you are just starting out or are an established company, the "Run Your Own Campaign" plan is for you. Beginners can properly run a social media campaign that will take roughly 5-8 hours a week. 

For established companies that have social media personnel, we can make a plan that will finally help you get a return on your investments.

By conducting research on your industry, target market and competitors, we will be able to create a Social Media & Marketing campaign that works specifically for you and your company. FBS will create a step by step, detailed plan so that it will be easy to run the campaign on your own. After researching, we will know what social media platforms and content your target audience is interested in. We will then teach you what you need to know before sending you off on your new adventure.

Please see the Pricing Plans tab to learn more about the phases offered.