Current Clients, Past Clients & Investments

Champions League, Inc.

Champions League is a competitive summer basketball league featuring players you know and love. Champions is where the game never ends, featuring over 200 former pro players, 1 – 3 years out of the NBA, including former All Stars. FBS founder Harveer Singh is the Research and Development Manager, leading initiatives in market research and analysis.

Fatsack Outdoors, Inc.

Fatsack Outdoors is an outdoor company looking to revolutionize the fishing world. The company has released a free app on Apple and Google play markets and actively holds fishing tournaments. FBS founder Harveer Singh is acting CFO and board member to the company since its inception. 

FBS holds equity in Fatsack Outdoors. Inc. and has assisted in capital raise initiatives.


Epica International, Inc.

Epica International strives to improve the prognosis, hopes, and outcomes for humans and animals suffering from conditions that were previously seen as less than adequately treatable. FBS occasionally consults Epica with analytics and document creation. 

FBS holds equity in the company.

Superior Ostrich, Inc.
Superior Ostrich's mission is to increase the supply of protein with an eco-friendly, sustainable, profitable and health conscious product. FBS has consulted Superior Ostrich on analytics, research, and social media management.

FBS also holds equity in the company.

Chicken and Rice, Inc.

Chicken and Rice, Inc. has brought the quality and authentic taste of New York’s Chicken and Rice, a staple in New York’s street food for many years, to other parts of the country.